BAPS Charities Walks For a Good Cause


On June 9th, Mayor Samaras joined BAPS Charities for their 18th Annual Walkathon.  The local chapter of BAPS has been conducting walkathons in Lowell since 2002 with both national and local charity beneficiaries.

DSC_0596 (2)

The concept behind BAPS Charities began decades ago with grassroots volunteerism in South Asia grounded in the spirit of service. As those young volunteers began to spread across the world, BAPS Charities took shape as a medium to continue and share this spirit with new and diverse communities. Formally established in 2000 as BAPS Care International, the organization changed its name to BAPS Charities in 2007 and proceeded to formalize and institutionalize the organization in countries across the world.

DSC_0565 (2)

This year’s beneficiaries are the Nature Conservancy and the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.

Over 300 walkers participated in the 2018 walkathon.  Here are just a few more photos from the opening ceremony.


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