Lowell’s Historic Doors are Opened

DSC_0398Historic Board administrator Steve Stowell says it was the best weather ever for Doors Open Lowell weekend.  And eager crowds took full advantage of that good fortune by packing the 31 locations featured as part of the 17th annual Doors Open Lowell.

Here are just a few images from some of the sites featured:


A new addition for 2018.  Ranger Charles Tonetti allowed visitors to poke their heads into the Hamilton Wasteway Gatehouse for the first time at Doors Open Lowell.


Speaking of new additions, the Lowell Community Health Center recently opened their new dental and vision expansion on Jackson St.  Linda Sou provided a tour of the new location at 101 Jackson St right down the street from the existing LCHC main building.


A LNHP ranger points to the flowing water underneath the Swamp Locks Gatehouse


Always a fan favorite.  Tremont Yard was open once again–the hidden gem beneath the Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union headquarters.

This year, Lowell National Historical Park is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  In honor of that milestone, several LNHP locations were open for the first time during Doors Open Lowell, including the LNHP Trolley Barn.


The Ayer Mansion returned to Doors Open Lowell this year.

If you missed it during Doors Open Lowell, you can check it on June 28th when the Coalition for the Better Acre presents its annual fundraising event, “6 Degrees of the Acre.”

The Spalding House is the third oldest home in Lowell.  In recent decades, it has been maintained by the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust.  This year, the trust has received a grant from the Lowell Cultural Council to open the Spalding House every second Sunday of the month so more visitors can see this unique piece of Lowell history.

Finally, Doors Open also visited the LNHP Blacksmith Shop on the bank of the Merrimack River.  Here, guests were able to discover a blacksmith shop that was used to straighten iron pins used to keep flashboards in place on the nearby Pawtucket Dam.

These were just a few of the over 30 locations that were featured in this year’s event.  For more coverage of Doors Open Lowell be sure to visit their website: www.doorsopenlowell.org

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