Thank You Secretary Ash!


We’re going to take a brief point of personal privilege to stretch the coverage area of Return to Room 50 to salute the departing Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Jay Ash.  Immediately upon joining Governor Baker’s administration in January 2015, Secretary Ash, the former longtime city manager in Chelsea, proved himself to be a champion for Massachusetts Gateway Cities, including of course Lowell.  Jay Ash was a great friend to Lowell and was featured several times on this blog, here are a few photos of only some of the secretary’s many visits to our beloved Mill City.


Touring the Hamilton Canal District in May 2015


Hosting a listening session for the Governor’s Economic Development Bill at MCC in 2015


A Discussion with former US Labor Secretary Bob Reich at UMass Lowell in October 2016


Hamilton Canal Innovation District Showcase in 2017


City Manager Eileen Donoghue’s Swearing-In in April 2018


Taking a selfie at the DHCD Downtown Summit in October 2018


Horsepower Technologies Ribbon Cutting in October 2018


Mayor Samaras, City Manager Donoghue, and Secretary Ash at the Opportunity Zones Summit earlier this month

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