The Mayors Rock Again


The Second Annual Mayor’s Holiday Fest for Homeless Youth was a rockin’ success with initial estimates placing the funds raised at over $16,000 for Homeless Youth in the City of Lowell.

Once again crowds numbering in the hundreds packed Olympia’s Zorba Music Hall.  This year’s performance slate featured sixteen musical acts and the party went on and on late into the chilly November night.


Ed Kennedy, Rick Lalime, Karen Frederick, Amanda Mallardo, Mayor Bill Samaras

By beating the 2017 totals, Mayor Samaras met the challenge of his predecessor, former Mayor Edward Kennedy who oversaw the launch of the Mayor’s Holiday Fest last year.  Now the question is can the mayor beat his own mark and achieve the goal of raising even more funds when the event returns in 2019.

Look below for some photos and a video from a fun-filled evening at the Zorba Room:


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