LKSR Returns!

Join us tomorrow as the 3rd annual Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race descends upon the Mill City.

Putting on a major public event is a big challenge even if its confined to one location–the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race is a day long celebration that takes place in three separate spots throughout the city.



On land, in the mid, and on the river, the machines of the LKSR entertain the thousands of guests who have made this zany event an instant fan favorite.

As describes, the Lowell race began in 2016.

Race Director, Michael Roundy, lived in the small town of Arcata, California on the north coast, while attending Humboldt State University. It was there he witnessed 7 Kinetic Grand Championships and are what inspired him to bring a race to Lowell, the perfect location with its vibrant artistic community, passionate residents and unique geographic qualities.

LKSR2017Kinetic sculptures are all-terrain, human-powered, art sculptures made from repurposed materials and engineered to race over road, water, mud and sand. LKSR strives to inspire the engineers and visionaries of the future by promoting the synthesis of the STEM fields, the arts, disruptive innovation, and physical activity. The race is open to all ages and works with the students of local universities, high schools, vocational schools, and after-school programs. LKSR is the only race of this kind in New England, and not only expands the artistic diversity of Lowell, but reinforces it as a hub of innovation. LKSR proves that collaboration and an interdisciplinary mix of the arts, science, engineering, mathematics, and technology can overcome truly great challenges.


Each kinetic sculpture machine must be durable and flexible enough to traverse each of the three obstacles.


Former Mayor Ed Kennedy is a huge fan of the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture race which held its first showing during his term in office.


This third edition figures to be the biggest one yet with thousands expected to attend the event at either its downtown cobblestones, mud pit, or waterfront locations.

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