Two Flag Raisings This Weekend

This weekend Lowell will celebrate two more flag raising ceremonies.  First on Saturday, August 4th, the City will celebrate the 14th anniversary of Lowell’s official adoption of the Lao Heritage & Freedom Flag.

In 2004 the City Council, at the request of members of the Lao community, adopted the red flag adorned with a three-headed elephant as the official Lao flag recognized by the city. It was the flag flown by the Kingdom of Laos from 1952 until the royal government fell to Communism in 1975.

On Sunday, August 5th, the 2018 Lowell Puerto Rican Festival will kick off with the raising of the flag of Puerto Rico.

The Committee of the Puerto Rican Festival “Hijos de Borinquen” have been organizing their annual celebration of the Puerto Ricans in the city of Lowell since 1980.  Throughout the years, the Festival has given Lowell an introduction to Puerto Rican customs which include music, ethnic food, dance, poetry, drama and speeches.

Here are some photos from last year’s flag raisings during the term of Mayor Edward Kennedy:

2017 Lao Flag Raising Photos:


2017 Puerto Rico Flag Raising Photos:


The Original Room 50 Blog also has some great photos from the Lao and Puerto Rican flag raisings of Mayor Patrick Murphy’s term back in 2013.

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