A Proud Day in Lowell


On June 1st, Mayor Samaras welcomed organizers of Greater Lowell Pride Month to City Hall for a first ever flag raising.  In honor of June being recognized as Pride month, the rainbow flag was raised at Lowell City Hall with a Friday morning ceremony.

The Greater Lowell Pride Family Picnic was first held in 2016 and this year has grown to a month long celebration including another first– a pride parade through Downtown Lowell held on June 2nd.

Despite undeniable advancements for LGBTQ equality, the statistics relating to LGBTQ youth in Massachusetts and homelessness, suicidality, risk behaviors and dropout rates are worsening. The Greater Lowell PRIDE Month Celebration is a grand opportunity to bring visibility to the LGBTQ community and, through the participation and contributions of local businesses, organizations and groups, demonstrate a unified message of appreciation and celebration of human diversity – which in turn works to create safer, healthier schools and communities.

Planning and preparation for the Greater Lowell PRIDE Month Celebration is orchestrated by the Greater Lowell Health Alliance LGBTQ Subcommittee, a group of professionals and community members committed to improving the health and safety of the LGBTQ community and ensuring that ALL members of the Greater Lowell community have access to high quality, inclusive and culturally competent services, supports and educational opportunities.

Here are a few images from the historic morning.



Mayor Samaras’s remarks concluded with this: “Today, for the first time, Lowell officially marks the beginning of LGBT Pride month with the raising of the Rainbow Flag at Lowell City Hall to express in the strongest terms possible that Lowell supports equal rights for all.  I am very proud to be here today for the celebrating with you all.”


Pride Month organizers Deb Fowler and Kerrie D’Entremont



Miss Jackie Diamond, who would go on to serve as the Grand Marshall in Saturday’s parade.


Councilor Karen Cirillo looks up at the raised flag


George Nugent, Jim Dyment, Jim Wilde, Steve Stowell

DSC_0169 (1)

Team Rufus



Kerrie D’Entremont accepted the proclamation from the city on behalf of the organizers


Former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford chats with Mayor Samaras



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