A Brush with Asian Art

DSC_0551Lowell’s Asian American Heritage Exhibition” which aligns with Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May is a partnership with the Brush Art Gallery and Studios, the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association (CMAA), Angkor Dance Troupe, SayDaNar, George Chen, and Soumita Acharya.


Costume Items loaned by Angkor Dance Troupe


DSC_0582 (1)

Soumita Acharya both shared items for the display and will cover the exhibit for LTC News


Jim Wilde and Sovanna Pouv

The exhibition presents a collection of artwork and cultural items from four ethnic groups: Cambodian, Burmese, Indian, and Chinese. Several wall labels display information in native languages.

With the coordination of CMAA executive director, Sovanna Pouv, several cultural items belonging to the CMAA have been loaned for exhibition including paintings, sculpture, and implements used for gardening and catching fish.


Brush Gallery Director Jim Dyment

Co-founder of Angkor Dance Troupe, Tim Thou, Artistic Director, Phousita Huy, and Executive Director, Dahvy Tran Pech, have prepared five costumes representing different roles in Cambodian Classical performing arts to a Folk Dance that depicts an aspect of the past daily lives of the Cambodian people.

George Chen, a local artist who was trained as a traditional Chinese painter has loaned several his paintings, which depict the different social classes of Chinese history.

Ardeth Thawnghmung from SayDaNar Community Development Center has gathered crafts and national costumes from her travels to Burma and Soumita Acharya has shared sarees, a wall hanging and jewelry from India.


Tim Thou describes the costuming process to Anne Gallagher


Vanna Howard poses in front of a mural donated by the CMAA



Professor Sue Kim, Vice Chair Vesna Nuon, Tooch Van, Winston & Franklin

The Brush Art Gallery and Studios is located in downtown Lowell next to the Lowell National Historical Park visitor’s center.  The Brush was originally founded by the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission in 1982.

Lowell’s Asian American Heritage Exhibition will run at the Brush Art Gallery & Studios from May 5th until June 7th.  Please visit www.thebrush.org for hours and other information.

The CMAA has more photos and a write-up on the reception available on their website.

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