Purple Carrot Bread Company

Although Mayor William Samaras was certainly happy to welcome the Purple Carrot Bread Company to Downtown Lowell on May 2nd, there was another person he figured would be even more thrilled–Mrs. Samaras.

“My wife said to me ‘we need a downtown place that offers pastry, bread, something light,do you understand Bill? Can you do something about that?’  I just want you to know, I’m taking all the credit for it,” the mayor jokingly noted.


CitationPurple Carrot’s arrival to Downtown is in fact a good example of the partnerships and positive ecosystem for economic development that the City of Lowell has been fostering over the past few years.  The company is a graduate of Entrepreneurship for All‘s Accelerator program and a recipient of the Lowell Development and Financial Corporation‘s downtown venture fund.  Representatives from the City of Lowell’s economic development office and the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce were also on hand for the celebration, which attracted many of the shop’s downtown business neighbors.

But of course, the credit really belongs to owners Alaina and Douglas Brackett, who have worked tirelessly for several years on starting the new business based on made from scratch recipes.   Purple Carrot has been a staple of the local farmer’s markets for the past three summers, including Mill No. 5’s Farm Market.


The ribbon cutting also perfectly coincided with the city’s celebration of National Small Business Week, which features a whole host of events throughout the community, including office hours and workshops.

BreadThe mission of Purple Carrot Bread Company is “to always use fresh ingredients and never compromise in the name of short cuts when it comes to producing quality products.”

The shop focuses on fresh hearth-style European breads made with quality ingredients and no chemicals or preservatives, also specializing in savory and rustic pastries such as croissants, sugar buns, scones & cookies.

PurpleCarrotPurple Carrot has already proven to be a success with the public, capturing the fan favorite awards at the EforAll November 2015 Food & Agriculture pitch contest and winning two top prizes at this past February’s Winterfest Soup Bowl competition.

Purple Carrot Bread Company is located on 107 Merrimack St.  Its operating hours are Monday-Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm and on Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm.  Visit www.purplecarrotbreadco.com for more information.

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