Ceremonial Oath of Office for City Manager Eileen Donoghue


City Clerk Michael Geary administers the Oath of Office to the New City Manager

On Monday April 23rd, the City of Lowell celebrated a new era with a Ceremonial Oath of Office for incoming City Manager Eileen M. Donoghue.  (Donoghue had been officially on the job since April 11th).  Here are a few photos and select quotes from the morning.


The Lowell High School Chorus kicked the morning off with the singing of the national anthem


State Representative Tom Golden opened the speaking portion of the program because he had to take part in the House budget deliberations in Boston.  Golden, who served with Donoghue during her 7+ years in the Senate remarked about his colleague, “The loss to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is great–it truly is. She was that voice of reason in the Senate. She is someone who was always looked towards for leadership. But as a Lowellian, I am so proud that my friend is now the next city manager, because I know that this city, our greatest days are in our future because of our city manager to be. ”


Mayor Samaras jokes that as Lowell High School headmaster, he knew Tom Golden’s grades.


A capacity crowd was on hand for the swearing-in.


Mayor Samaras expressed his belief that Manager Donoghue would be a collaborator that will take Lowell to new heights.  “This is an important  day.  Eileen Donoghue will be the first woman city manager in the history of Plan E government. But what I think is most important is I believe we have hired a manager who will be able to take Lowell to the next level…It will be a tall order, Madame Manager, but I think with our support and all of us working together, I’m sure you can do it.”


UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney gave greetings from the university.  “I know Eileen’s love of this great, great city, and her incredible capacity to build a shared vision to move the city forward.”


Andy Descoteaux, John Leahy, Jim Milinazzo, Vesna Nuon


Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Jay Ash

Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Jay Ash spent 14 and a half years as the city manager of his hometown of Chelsea, Massachusetts before being appointed as the first member of Governor Charlie Baker’s cabinet in early 2015.  When tasked with giving greetings from the Commonwealth, Ash opened by simply saying, “Lowell you got it right.  Again.”


Finally, the new city manager summed up the morning’s festivities with a similarly optimistic note.  “We have a lot of challenges ahead of us, and I look forward to those challenges.  But we also have a lot of opportunities here in the City of Lowell…where Lowell is today, where Lowell is poised to be.  I think the sky can be the limit.”


Former City Manager Bernie Lynch greets City Councilor Karen Cirillo



Eileen Donoghue and Bernie Lynch, the 15th and 17th Lowell city managers


Mayor Samaras and Manager Donoghue

More photos available in the full album posted on Google Photos.

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