Cambodian New Year at Clemente Park

Year after year, it has become a highlight of the Lowell events calendar.

From volleyball players to traditional dancers to congressional candidates, the 7th Annual Khmer New Year Celebration brought a diverse and vibrant crowd of hundreds to Clemente Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon April 21st.  Mayor Samaras and several members of the Lowell City Council were among the attendees at the festivities.


Mayor Samaras speaks, with Councilors Ed Kennedy, Karen Cirillo, and Vesna Nuon alongside.

The event was preceded with an indoor morning celebration at Lowell Senior Center and a parade throughout the Cambodia Town neighborhood of the city.  The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association helped promote the event in the weeks and months leading up to April 21st


Khmer New Year Parade (Photo courtesy: Tooch Van)

The Clemente Park celebration features a wide array of ongoing games, stage performances, shopping and dining options.




Children’s programming included facepainting provided by the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell.

Among those to grace the stage were Khemerack Band, Peuo Tatyana Tuy, a Cambodian Opera group and the internationally renown Angkor Dance Troupe.


Peuo Tatyana Tuy


Angkor Dance Troupe performs Peacock Dance


Sovanna Pouv, Professor George Chigas, Sokreth Un

The Senior Center and Clemente Park events are a fitting cap off to the “Cambodian Month” celebrations that took place throughout Lowell, beginning with the flag raising ceremony at City Hall on April 9th and including a student-led Khmer New Year celebration at UMass Lowell.

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