Flag Raisings from A to Z

April 21st, 2018 was a busy day in the City of Lowell.  In addition to the Cambodian New Year celebrations taking place at the Lowell Senior Center and Clemente Park, the proximity of Zimbabwean Independence Day (April 18th) and Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day (April 24th) led to the rare occasion of two flag raising ceremonies in a single Saturday.

First was the Armenian flag raising, which was preceded by a procession throughout Downtown Lowell.



Mimi Parseghian served as the event emcee.


MA-3 Congressional candidate Bopha Malone was invited to share remarks as a guest speaker.


Bopha drew parallels between her family’s experience in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge and descendants from Armenia who also had to flee genocide in their homeland.


Mayor Samaras noted when speaking of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, “It is an atrocity that is on the one hand inconceivable, but on the other, unfortunately all too real and familiar. ”



Shortly following after the Armenian ceremony a flag raising was held in honor of Zimbawaean Independence Day.


Levenia Furusa served as the organizer for the Flag Raising of Zimbabwe, which first occurred in 2016.

DSC_0808 (1)



Councilor Cirillo, Mayor Samaras, and Councilor Kennedy join in on singing the national anthem

Following the ceremony, councilors joined event organizers in the Mayors Reception Room for refreshments and discussion.


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